If you have never visited the dentist, then I have this bad news for you…

You are likely going to lose a lot of your teeth when you turn 60 even if you brush everyday! Here is why…

This is no joke and I am going to explain why this happens in this short article…

Something happens a few seconds after you eat anything and that is majorly responsible for this.

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One of the BIGGEST LIES you have been told about your teeth is…

“When you grow old, you will lose your teeth”

Not only is this not true, it has NO SCIENTIFIC BACKING. 


We have been told in order to cover for neglect and care for our teeth. The truth is just like every other part of your body…


Your teeth were built to last a lifetime!

Yes this is as true 1000 years ago as it is now. If this is true, why then do people lose their teeth when they grow older. 


Now this is the reason…


Something happens a few seconds after you eat anything and that is majorly responsible for this.


Few seconds after you eat, the bacteria in your mouth mixes with the food you eat and it forms a thin transparent layer over your teeth. This transparent layer helps the bacteria to also feed. 


But here is how it gets worse…


This thin transparent layer keeps attracting more and more bacteria and keeps getting larger. 


From transparent, it becomes soft, whitish and then yellowish into what we call Plaque. This is one of the major causes of stained or coloured teeth. 


So your teeth moves from this 


But this is not all…



This community of bacteria called plaque then starts destroying the fibers that hold your teeth and make it firm. It destroys it gradually till the tooth starts shaking and eventually falls out. 



Have you ever noticed your gums bleed when you brush?


That is a simple sign that your teeth is getting damaged by these bacteria.



The worst part of this whole process is that it is painless almost throughout! So you won’t even know that anything is going on. 



But What about tooth brushing…can’t tooth brushing remove this Plaque?



Well yes and No. 


Yes because at the initial formation stage, if you brush twice daily, you can greatly reduce the formation of this plaque. 



Imagine this, Plaque starts to form immediately you eat, if you brush just once a day like 90% of people, you would have eaten at least three times before your next brushing. 



By this time, the plaque would have accumulated and been harder to remove. 



Most people brush the wrong way, so they are able to remove less than 50% of the already formed plaque no matter how hard or long they brush for. 


By the next day, the remaining 50% compound with the food you eat that day and get even worse!



This is what gradually keeps happening till your teeth starts shaking and falls off. 



These days, A lot of young people below 35 have already started losing their teeth at an alarming rate!



But thats not all still. 



Remember that plaque is an accumulation of the food you eat and bacteria. 


This bacteria basically acts on the food and makes it rotten. Now you know what rotten food smells like? That is what you mouth would begin to smell like over time. 



Plaque is a major cause of mouth odour! And the worst part about mouth odour is that…


Because they dont want to hurt your feelings. They would just avoid you and exempt you from things.


…But there is a way out


Yes, Plaque and Calculus can easily be removed from your teeth by a dentist with a procedure in less than 15minutes!



This Procedure is called SCALING AND POLISHING commonly called teeth washing. 



This procedure has NO SIDE EFFECTS, makes your teeth stronger and lasts a lifetime.



Here is some of the before and after pictures of patients we have done scaling and polishing for 










How can you get your Teeth Cleaned

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