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Below are some of the services and their current costs at Yanga Dental clinic.
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>Dental Check up

This covers the opening of new Patient file Registration and Consultation by a Dentist.

* (Compulsory for all first time patients.)

Single Individual: N5000

Group card for 10 people: N20,000

>Dental X-ray

A dental X-ray is important in making proper diagnosis in tooth diseases.

Cost: N10,000 – N15,000

>Scaling and Polishing (Teeth washing)

This is commonly referred to as Teeth washing and removes stains, tar tar, plaque and calculus from your mouth. Average time is 15-20minutes.

Cost: N15,000 – N25,000

>Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening helps to get whiter teeth. Dentists recommend two sessions of teeth whitening for minimum best results. Both sessions are done same day. Average time spent is 1hr 30mins.

Cost: N85000;
N35,000 for additional sessions

> Tooth Filling

The cost of tooth filling depends on certain factors such as level of damage, position of the affected tooth.

Cost: N15000 - N30,000 (billed per tooth)

> Root Canal Therapy

The cost of a root canal depends on the affected tooth.

Cost: N80,000 - N95,000 (billed per tooth)

*Instalmental payment available

> Simple Tooth Extraction

The cost of a tooth extraction depends on a range of factors.

Cost: N25000 - N45000

> Surgical Tooth Extraction

The cost of a surgical tooth extraction depends on the level of impaction of the affected tooth.

Cost: N95000 - N145000

> Crowns

This cost is influenced by the type of crown that would be needed.

Cost: N65000 - N197000

*Instalmental payment available

> Dentures

This cost is influenced by the material to be used, the number of teeth to be replaced.

Starts at N37,500

> Bridges

This cost depends on the number of units of the Bridge. This would be determined by the dentist.

Starts at N250000

*Instalmental payment available

> Implants

implants are fixed tooth replacements. It is a specialist procedure and cost is dependent on a number of factors.

starts from: N550,000

*Instalmental payment available

> Braces

Braces are used for teeth alignment. Treatment duration is usually 18 - 24 months. it requires a visit to the clinic once every 2 months for the period of treatment. It is a specialist procedure and is handled by our orthodontist.

Cost: N900,000 - N1,800,000

*Instalmental payment available

> Invisalign (Clear Aligners)

This is also used for tooth alignment, However it has a faster treatment time than braces of 6-8 months.


*Instalmental payment available

> Retainer

This is used after tooth alignment.

Cost: N40,000 - N100,000

*Instalmental payment available

> fashion Braces

These are non-functional braces and used for fashion. They do not align the teeth

Cost: N165,000

> Jaw Locking for weight loss

The cost of Jaw locking . .

Starts at N65,000

> Grillz

The cost of grillz depend on the material to be used. .

Starts at N80,000

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